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    English Version

    12) Black Poncho

    (of Saint Cosme Hill Wholesale Jerseys , by Lima, Peru)

    Lost in the grottos of Peru?br>By the hills of Huancayo
    Black Poncho was given
    A treasure of gold?
    By none other than,
    Demonic goblins!

    聟in the form of scorching fruit;
    Hence, Black Poncho fooled
    The goblins of old

    By using his poncho to pull
    The sizzling golden fruit
    Through the Andes to Lima Wholesale NHL Hockey Jerseys , Peru!?br >
    Henceforward, he was swindled
    By a jeweler of dire repute.
    Thus, his life changed
    (as so often they do);
    And now he lives with:
    Thirty-five dogs, on San Cosme Hill.

    Note: Information taken from a number of conversations with the locals of Lima Wholesale Hockey Jerseys , Peru (and my father-in-law) especially from a conversation with Hernan Espinoza, a waiter in Lima, Peru, as he remembered it (the year being: l945); 5-4-2005; #625; there is also another side to this man Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys , one that is considered to more on the side of Robin Hood,the thief; as Papa Augusto would have it.

    Versi贸n en Espa帽ol

    Poncho Negro

    (del Cerro San Cosme en Lima, Per?

    Perdido en las grutas de Per?
    Por las collados de Huancayo
    Dieron a Poncho negro
    Un tesoro de oro ?
    Por ninguno otro que,
    隆Engendros demon铆acos!

    聟en la forma de fruta chamuscada;
    De ah? Poncho Negro mof?
    A los engendros del pasado

    Usando su poncho para jalar
    La fruta de oro que chispea
    隆Por Los Andes a Lima Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap , Per? ?br >
    Despu茅s, 茅l fue estafado
    Por un joyero de reputaci贸n dudosa.
    As? su vida se cambi?
    ( como tan a menudo esto pasa);
    Y ahora 茅l vive con :
    Treinta y cinco perros, sobre el Cerro San Cosme.

    Note: La Informaci贸n fue obtenido de una conversaci贸n con Hernan Espinoza, un camarero en Lima Wholesale NHL Jerseys Online , Per? as?como 茅l lo record?(A帽o: 1945); Mayo 4 del 2005; Nro. 625

    English Version

    13. The Spirits de Copan

    Part one

    I see them in the skies
    I hear them in their hells
    They whisper and they moan

    And never are alone?The Spirits and the Ghouls?br>The Spirits de Copan!

    They are shadows in my world
    Echoes in my dreams
    A mystery and a force
    To a cosmic happening!
    The Spirits and the Ghouls?br>The Spirits de Copan!...

    Part Two
    (Hiding Spirits)

    These spirits hide in ancient stones
    With glaring eyes:
    And humans bones, ?br >
    In ebbing shadows
    The passing moon;
    By trees聴and clouds
    And macabre gloom?br>In the winds, the winds?
    (The clouds)
    Outside windows?

    They are no man聮s friend
    The spirits and the Ghouls
    The Spirits de Copan!...

    Part Three

    The Spirits de Copan (have)?
    Long ears, with rabbit feet
    Jaguar arms聴聟 secrets.

    These were the kings
    The Maya kings Wholesale NHL Jerseys From China , ?(now)
    The Spirits of Copan!...

    Part Four
    (Maya Kings)

    Smoke Rabbit
    Smoke Shell
    All carved on Stelaes
    Hieroglyphic stones
    For legends now told
    Of Maya kings who once ruled.

    Part Five
    (My Moment)

    In the Great Plaza
    By the Acropolis of Copan,

    A spirit, let known(In its trembling vacuum):
    聯Leave us in peace!
    Leave us alone!
    We聮ve been here
    For two-thousand years
    In the Valley of Copan!?br >
    As I looked towards

    The imposing palacesI replied
    (Listening to the nearby
    Bird聮s chipper聴knowing
    All that was left was peace
    And a hopeful redemption):
    聯Let there be no more?br>Resistance聟let there be peace!
    As you please!...?br >
    And I walked away
    Out of the Copan Valley!....

    Note: written while visiting the Copan Valley, and site Wholesale NHL Jerseys China , in Honduras; written between 4-2425-2005, #630.

    Parte Uno

    Los veo en los cielos
    Los oigo en sus infiernos
    Ellos susurran y ellos gimen

    Ellos son sombras en mi mundo
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