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    Written communication is often the first impression you make on potential customers Cheap MLB Jerseys , business partners, or employers. Because of its significance to your marketing message, it is one of the most important aspects of your business.

    Good writing sets a positive tone and encourages people to enter into a relationship with you. It tells people that you have something worthwhile to offer them.

    Although writing style is a subjective preference, writing quality can be objectively defined. Three characteristics of good writing are that it is purposeful, compelling and clear.

    Purposeful ? Every written communication has a specific purpose. It may be to inform Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , like a corporate newsletter, mission statement, or press release. It may be to explain, as a training manual, white paper Cheap Jerseys Online , or business letter. Writing can also be used to motivate a sales team, instruct a student, or inspire social change. Identifying the specific purpose of your writing before you begin will make it easier to choose the most appropriate format and content.

    Compelling ? Effective writing compels the reader first, to continue reading and second, to feel Cheap Jerseys From China , think or act in a certain way. Marketing brochures, sales literature, proposals, resumes, even business cards Cheap Jerseys China , rely on the power of the written word to compel decisions and actions. Read your writing from your customer's perspective. Does it motivate you to act?

    Clear ? The ever-increasing pace of business requires many of us to do more in less time. The clearer your writing, the easier it is for your readers to quickly understand and respond to your message. Whether you are writing for internal corporate communications or external promotion, clarity makes your writing more vibrant and memorable.

    Which writing projects should you complete yourself, and which should you outsource to a professional freelance writer? Consider these three questions:

    Do I have the expertise to write the most effective communication?
    Do I have the resources necessary for the results I need?
    Do I have time to research, write Cheap Jerseys , edit and rewrite the project?

    Short, personal or proprietary communications, like agendas, meeting minutes and performance evaluations can easily and efficiently be completed in-house.

    Promotional or comprehensive corporate communications ? such as press releases, sales and marketing materials Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys , corporate newsletters, training manuals, and resumes ? are often sourced to freelance writers who have the experience and creativity to maximize the impact of your written communication.

    A professional freelance writer who is skilled at combining the art of words with attention to detail gives you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business. Partnering with a freelance writer for your corporate communications ensures that the first impression you make is a good one.

    Copyright 脙茠芒鈧∶冣€毭偮?005 by Sally Bacchetta. All rights reserved.

    Sally Bacchetta - Freelance WriterSales Trainer

    Sally Bacchetta is an award-winning sales trainer and freelance writer. She has published articles on a variety of topics, including selling skills, motivation Cheap Baseball Jerseys , and pharmaceutical sales.

    You can contact her at sb14580@ and read her latest column on her website.
    The Advantages of Going Wireless Computers Articles | November 21, 2008

    Should I or should I not stay with my antiquated wired computer system?? Or, should I join millions of other computer owners and go wireless?? It is not as difficult as you may think to use a wireless...

    Should I or should I not stay with my antiquated wired computer system?? Or, should I join millions of other computer owners and go wireless?? It is not as difficult as you may think to use a wireless network diagram when setting up your home computer.? Establishing a computer network will give you the opportunity to share information with friends and family and to easily link all of your computers to one system.?

    A wireless home network is advantageous and logical for many reasons.? Building a wireless home network using a wireless network diagram is easy.??

    There are just three easy steps to follow:? 1.)? Identify the WLAN design that suits your needs, 2.)? Select appropriate wireless gear Cheap New MLB Jerseys Wholesale , and 3.)? Install the gear and do the necessary tests on the configured WLAN.? You should also determine your own specific needs when contemplating setting up a wireless network.? These needs might include the specific location of your computer(s), printer(s) and any other electronic devises that might have an effect on your final network design.? It is also imperative that you do?? adequate research so that you purchase compatible gear when setting up your wireless network.? And, are you thinking about shared internet access?? If so, this needs to be considered in your network design along with such things as reach and speed.? Your current and future needs are important too.? If you are planning on adding more computers to your network then it is critical that this is factored into your initial network design.?

    To give you an idea of how wireless works, here is just a sample of one wireless network diagram.? All devices that connect to a wireless router must have a working network adapter.? A broadband modem connects to the router and enables a shared Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale , high-speed internet connection.? Wireless routers permit numerous computers to connect over established links.? These same wireless routers usually allow up to four wired devices to be connected via Ethernet cable.? During initial home network installation, it is necessary for one computer to be cabled to the wireless router temporarily so that the configuration of the wireless features are allowed.? Ethernet connections are optional after the installation is complete.?
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